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The Evostfitness provide Home Gym Equipment single leg kick Pilates exercise focuses on the hamstrings, the muscles at the rear of your thighs. The hamstrings extend the hip and flex the knee in activities like walking and running in standard of living. the load Bench single leg kick exercise is additionally an excellent thanks to work your powerhouse. observe keeping your abdominals raised, ches
Evost Fitness launched a Shoulder Press Machine is ideal for exercising the shoulders muscles and arms,mainly the deltoid muscles and allows for strength training to be performed in a simple, enjoyable and intuitive manner from a comfortable, ergonomic seat.
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Evost Fitness launched aButterfly Machine is a great piece of exercise equipment to implement at your outdoor facility.The butterfly machine provides an effective chest and shoulders workout.
Height-1500 mm
Machine Weight-208 kg.
Max Load-109 kg
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Evost Fitness launched the seated leg press machine is a common weight-training exercise performed on a leg press machine. The purpose of the horizontal leg press machine is to work all your quads muscles, plus glutes and hamstring as secondary muscles.The leg press is a weight training exercise in which the individual pushes a weight or resistance away from them using their legs.
Length-1850 mm
Evost Fitness provide a wide collection of Gym Equipments for Home,office,Lawn etc.
.Gas-assisted seat and inward tacing orientation helps user easily align shoulder joint to pivot.
.Padded arm pads and fixed handles allow for easy user positioning.
.Counter balance weight provide resistance to ensure safe and smooth exercise.
.All adjustments are identified with yellow knobs for easy recogni
The Evost leg extension machine is an isolation exercise that targets your quadriceps,the muscles on the front of your thigh.It is a simple movement,which occurs at only one joint your knees.The leg extension strengthens your quadriceps and if done correctly,is not hard on the knee joint.
.Multiple and adjustable start positions
.Counter balanced weight and smooth running
.Hand grips secured

Evost Fitness Offers a Wide Range of Fitness Equipments To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals. Top Most Manufacturers and Suppliers Fitness Equipments. Evost Fitness combines a large and varied product portfolio with expert consultation to help any facility create a fitness solution that’s a perfect fit for its exercisers.
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